‘Thinking big, making small changes’

The Breathy Vowel’s latest blog post is titled “Thinking big, making small changes”.

The Breathy Vowel say’s, “My bedtime reading for the past couple of weeks has been Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku. In between revealing to me that people have actually teleported stuff,  the book is a reasonably easy introduction to quantum mechanics. To my rather squishy brain, these steely-minded scientists attempt to figure out the very small (subatomic particles) and the very large (the universe(s)) and the connections between them. Not much room for the inbetweeners (us humans) in there you might think, but actually the role of consciousness is an important factor in quantum theory, and provides one resolution for Schrödinger’s cat.”

Thinking big, making small changes

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‘Understanding Different English Accents’

Nik Peachey’s latest blog post is titled “Understanding Different English Accents”.

Peachey says, “It is great that English is spoken by so many people around the world, but this can make it very difficult to understand, because there are such a range of different accents”.

Understanding Different English Accents

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Conference in China: The Future of English in Asia: Perspectives on Language and Literature, 19-21 April, 2013

As English becomes progressively more multimodal and destandardized and as we look to a future where by 2050 Chinese “will have nearly triple the numbers of speakers that English has” (Ostler, 2003) it is important to explore how English can respond to the challenges and opportunities of this multilingual age. Whether we see English as a tool to “win friends and influence people,” as a lingua franca, or as a language whose use is now more symbolic than communicative, its possibilities remain endless. Now that English looks to a new stage in its history in this globalized “Asian century” it is timely that the future of English is explored from an Asian perspective.

The Future of English in Asia: Perspectives on Language and Literature


-Meera Niranjani

Conference in China: 2013 2nd International Conference on Language, Medias and Culture, 17-18 March, 2013

ICLMC2012 is an international forum for state-of-the-art research in Language, Medias and Culture. 2013 2nd International Conference on Language, Medias and Culture – ICLMC2013 will be held in Macau during March 17-18, 2013. It is one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the fields of Language, Medias and Culture. It also serves to foster communication among researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of scientific areas with a common interest in improving Language, Medias and Culture related techniques.

2013 2nd International Conference on Language, Medias and Culture


– Meera Niranjani

Worksheet : Speaking Cards ‘General Questions’

BusyTeacher team has published a new worksheet titled : “ Speaking Cards General Questions”

Six pages of general questions to cut out and have students ask each other. Topics are very general, varied and random, so I usually use the questions as a warmer or a first class to get people speaking. You might want to select questions depending on the level of the class, as some of them contain upper-intermediate vocabulary.

Download ‘Speaking Cards General Questions’ Worksheet

– Keval Desai