‘Thinking big, making small changes’

The Breathy Vowel’s latest blog post is titled “Thinking big, making small changes”.

The Breathy Vowel say’s, “My bedtime reading for the past couple of weeks has been Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku. In between revealing to me that people have actually teleported stuff,  the book is a reasonably easy introduction to quantum mechanics. To my rather squishy brain, these steely-minded scientists attempt to figure out the very small (subatomic particles) and the very large (the universe(s)) and the connections between them. Not much room for the inbetweeners (us humans) in there you might think, but actually the role of consciousness is an important factor in quantum theory, and provides one resolution for Schrödinger’s cat.”

Thinking big, making small changes

The Breathy Vowel’s Blog


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