‘On teaching portfolios’ by Tyson Seburn

Tyson Seburn’s latest blog post is titled ”On teaching portfolios”.

Tyson says, ”I’ve always thought portfolios, if relatively all-inclusive, were excellent representations of a body of work. For reflective purposes, they provide ‘a forest’ and ‘trees’ views that can facilitate valuable learning experiences for teachers or students.” Further on, Bailey, Curtis & Nunan suggest, “Thus, a [teaching] portfolio is a collection of artefacts through which teachers present their own professional persona. One’s strengths as a developer of classroom materials, for example, should feature prominently in the portfolio. Other possible selections include students’ test results, student evaluations of teaching, letters of recommendation, samples of students’ work, syllabuses, and so on.” 

On teaching portfolios

Tyson Seburn’s Blog

-Komal Mahida


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