‘Pen and paper and Put Out The Lights’

kenwilsonelt published article on ‘Pen and paper and Put Out The Lights’

I was at the Wired In or Out conference at Yildiz Technical University Istanbul the first weekend of December. Işıl Boy, the organiser, was one of the Young Turks I featured in a blog earlier this year. I guess inviting me to her techy conference was her way of saying ‘thank you’ for featuring her! :)

I told Işıl when she contacted me that I didn’t think I had anything of value to say to people attending a tech-based conference, and she said that I could be the anti-tech guy. I said I didn’t want to be the anti-tech guy because I’m not anti-tech. We discussed it and decided I would be the NO-tech guy.

After thinking about what I would do, I came up with three other ideas…

(1) I would be the no-BOOKS guy, too

(2) I would present some engaging classroom activities that can only be done using bits of paper – sometimes for the student to write something, sometimes for them to read something

(3)      I would call the talk Put Out The Lights – and put out all the lights in the room when it took place

Download ‘Pen and paper and Put Out The Lights’

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 — Om Joshi


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