Irregular Verbs: Memory Card Game

This worksheet is useful for teachers to teach verbs in a interesting way to students.

The aim of this game is to memorize 42 irregular verbs in an entertaining way. The winner is the player who can make as many families as possible. Can be played by groups from 2 to 8 players. Before starting the game, ask students to identify the common characteristic in each verb family. Then deal out 6 cards to each player. The rules to be followed are the same as a regular “happy families” game. With beginners, also prepare a quiz. Every time they need help to remember a verb, ask them a question and show them the list of verbs if they can answer it correctly. After the game, you may ask students to find more families from a more complete list of irregular verbs. Have fun!

Download worksheet on: ‘Irregular Verbs: Memory Card Game’

-Paras Der


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