Reflections on ten years of blogging – part two(EFL activities) by Graham Stanley, Spain

Graham Stanley’s Blog Post entitled as ‘Reflections on ten years of blogging – part two’.

In this Blog, Graham Stanly talks about ten ‘observations about blogging in ELT’ as a reflection of ‘Part One of My Reflections in My Tenth Year of Blogging’.This Blog introduces effectiveness of the use of ‘BLOG’ in English Language Teaching. Stanly supports his views mentioning someone’s experience of using Blog in learning and teaching English.That is “I remember telling someone that I was facilitating a 6-week online course on blogging for ELT, and he was surprised that anyone could spend so much time just on blogging, but, there’s a lot to blogging with learners, and unless you think carefully about it, then your blogging project is not likely to be very successful. 

Reflections on Ten Year Blogging – Part One

Graham Stanly

-Keyur Sardhara

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